How to convert AVI and single files to multipage TIFF?

Convert your files to multipage TIFF in a couple of steps with Fiji.

Today we'll show you how to work with your AVI video files or multiple single image files as time series images in IKOSA.

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Download Fiji software

Many researchers use ImageJ as a support tool for image processing and analysis. However, we recommend using its advanced version Fiji.

Follow instruction on the page to install the software.

AVI to multipage TIFF

  1. Drag and drop your video file into Fiji

  2. Proceed with default settings

  3. Go to File → Save as → TIFF

Single image files to multipage TIFF

  1. Go to File → Import → Image sequence

  2. Select files for your sequence

  3. Proceed with default settings

  4. Go to File → Save as → TIFF

Now you can import your multipage TIFF file to IKOSA as a time series image! Read how to do it.

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