Integrating IKOSA into your existing workflow is easy and fast with our open Application Programming Interface (API). No need to learn a new tool or break out of familiar environments. Our API helps accelerate the adoption of AI image analysis in your team.

Using the programming language of your choice, you can access the full power of IKOSA. Upload images, export annotations, or analyze images, it's all possible from within your existing workflow.

All you need is an IKOSA subscription and the API is yours to explore.

An overview of common workflows

Upload image data

Analyze image data



If you have any questions, please send us an email at support@ikosa.ai.

Please note: If you want to know in detail what operations are possible, ask your technical team to check our endpoints:

IKOSA Portal API: https://portal.ikosa.ai/api/v1/docs/

IKOSA Prisma API:https://prisma.ikosa.ai/api/v1/docs/

Please note: Our team can generate various clients ranging from Java, Python, C++, etc. as a service from our API definitions such that you don’t need to implement the HTTP communication code yourself. Additionally, we can offer our assistance when integrating entire workflows from authentication to data upload and image analysis into your own solutions.

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