How to upload images?

Minimize the effort involved in uploading images for different purposes.

You can upload a single image or multiple images at once into the IKOSA storage space. Moreover, an image of a particular format, e.g. TIFF, can be regarded as a 2D-, a multichannel- or a time series image. In this article, we will show you how to upload images that belong to one of these three categories.

Please note: to be able to upload the images, you need a previously created project.

What to expect from this page?

Image formats

IKOSA supports 3 different image categories and a number of image formats:

  • 2D images: JP(E)G, PNG, BMP, Single Page/Pyramid TIF(F), VMIC, GTIF, SVS, NDPI, SCN, STK, QPTIFF, CZI, OME-TIFF

  • Multichannel images: TIF(F), STK, CZI, OME-TIFF

  • Time-series images: TIF(F), STK, CZI, OME-TIFF

Important: the maximum upload size of a single image is 16GB.

Important: Not all versions of IKOSA Prisma and IKOSA AI image analysis applications support the same file formats. To ensure that the images you upload can be analyzed by a specific application, see our guide to file formats.

Destination of the uploaded images

You can upload your images from 2 different locations in IKOSA.

1. Data Storage Space

Image upload from Data Storage Space

2. Project folder


Image upload from the project overview


The image uploading process

The image uploading process takes only 3 steps (2 steps, if you upload from the IKOSA project directly):

  1. Choose a project

  2. Select images to upload and define their purpose (2D, multichannel, or time series)

  3. Upload images

Feel free to start working with the available images while the other ones are being uploaded. You will be notified when the process is finished.

However, If you upload a large quantity of data, you can always monitor the progress yourself. You always have an option to:

  • pause,

  • resume or

  • cancel the upload for each or all images on the “Upload Monitor” page.


Enjoy your further work with the images!

If you have any questions, please send us an email at

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