How-to create a project?

Customize your IKOSA workspace by creating separate projects for different use cases.

In order to start working with your images, you need to first create a project, where you can store the images. We advise having a separate project for each use case. However, it is totally up to you how many projects you create and how you store your images in them.

What to expect from this page?

Creating a new project

You can create a new project from 2 different locations:

Start from the “Dashboard”

  1. Go to the main “Dashboard”

  2. Click “Create a new project”

  3. Name the project and add a description (if necessary)

  4. Save your settings

Creating a new project.

Start from the “Projects” page

  1. Click the “Create a new project” button

  2. Name the project and add a description (if necessary)

  3. Save your settings

Naming a new project.

Adding contributors

To share a project with internal or external team members, at first you will need to add them to your organization:

  1. Go to the main “Dashboard”

  2. Proceed to Settings and then to the Users page

  3. Click the User Invitations tab

  4. Invite new users as members or guests depending on the access level you wish them to have to your organization and projects

  5. Wait for the user to accept your invitation

  6. Add new members or guests to your project as contributors with editing, viewing, or annotating rights

Adding contributors

Simple isn’t it! You can now upload your images to the project and get started with annotation and analysis tasks.

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