How to cite the IKOSA software in your paper?

If IKOSA played a role in your research, we kindly ask you to cite it. It is also essential for other researchers who read your work. It is important to understand what you have done, to validate it, and to be able to repeat and/or reuse your research.

What to expect from this page?

The way to cite IKOSA

There is no absolute rule on how to cite software, but we recommend the following combination:

KML Vision GmbH, IKOSA (software), [year of use, example, 2022], Graz, Austria, software available at

If you need to mention the IKOSA version, please get in touch with us

Other ways to reference

If for some reason the reviewer of your publication/research paper/etc. does not allow you to cite the software, you can put information about it in:

  • footnotes

  • acknowledgements

  • methods sections, and

  • appendices.

An example for a concise reference:

The [example, output/data analysis/etc.] for this paper was generated using the IKOSA software of KML Vision GmbH. Copyright [copyright year, example, 2016-2022] KML Vision GmbH, IKOSA® is a registered EU trademark.

Moreover, you can cite papers that describe IKOSA software in a way it’s suitable for your research.

Please find all publications where IKOSA was mentioned

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