How to analyze time-series images?

Build up your time series analysis skills to be able to identify changing patterns in your image data with IKOSA.

The time series analysis method allows you to explore time-related dynamics in tissue samples. For this purpose, the IKOSA Platform supports the time series feature. In this article, you will learn how to identify time-series images in the IKOSA interface and perform analyses on them.  

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Before the analysis

Before you start analyzing images, you need to complete a few steps:

  1. Create a project

  2. Upload images

How to recognize time-series images in IKOSA?

Time-series images consist of multiple sequences taken from the same source and with the same settings at different time points. Time-series images allow you to explore changes in cells and cellular structures over time.

Recognize time-series images in IKOSA

In the IKOSA Platform time-series images are marked with a small clock symbol under the image type section in the Image Library. By clicking a particular time-series image, you can open it in the Image Viewer. Once in the Image Viewer, you can navigate through the different frames in the time-series toolbar referred to as time steps. The arrow buttons on the right side of the time series toolbar are convenient for quick navigation, especially if you have a large number of time steps.

Viewing time-series images in the IKOSA Image Viewer

You can also view time-series images and click through the different steps in the Quick View mode available in the Image Library.

How to analyze time-series image data in IKOSA?

To perform a time-series analysis in IKOSA, you have to run an existing IKOSA application on images marked with the time-series symbol. Before running a particular application, you need to make sure that it supports time series analysis. You can do this by accessing the Image Analysis Page from the main sidebar and viewing the list of Prisma Applications.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. From the main menu click Projects

  2. Open a project by clicking it

  3. Go to Image Library

  4. Select (a) time-series image(s) marked with a clock symbol

  5. Clicking the analysis button in the menu above the image library

  6. Select a suitable IKOSA application supporting time-series analysis

  7. Submit the analysis job by clicking the Start job button 

If you still aren’t sure how to draw regions of interest in IKOSA, check our How to draw an ROI article.

Now you are perfectly fit to perform your first-time series analysis in IKOSA!

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