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Adapt IKOSA up to your needs and requirements.

We help you to get the most out of our solutions with flexible plans.

Table of contents

Table of Contents
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If you have any questions regarding prices for our software products, please get in touch with us.


Please note: IKOSA AI and/or IKOSA Prisma are always used together with a trial or full version of IKOSA Portal.


Please note: image data analysis with IKOSA AI and IKOSA Prisma apps is calculated with Gigapixels.

Gigapixel - is a unit of graphic resolution equivalent to 1 billion pixels.

1 Gigapixels is equal to 1000 Megapixels.

A square image of 31,623 pixels in width and height is 1 Gigapixel.

Mega- and gigapixel calculator


Trial version (online)

Full version (online or on-premise)

The investment into one software enables you to use it for 1 year**.


Algorithm training and image data analysis software.

up to 6 trainings

1 deployed application

5 Gigapixel per 1 deployed application

We offer you a guided trial period of up to 4 weeks. During this, you get:

  • Frequent consultations on image annotation

  • Answers to your questions related to the product, data, and AI training process

  • Extra information publicly available in our IKOSA Knowledge Base.


Please note: IKOSA AI isn’t directly available in the online trial. If you want to experience it, please get in touch with us at

up to XY* trainings

up to YZ* deployed applications

5 Gigapixel or more per 1 deployed application

*XY and YZ depends on your requirements

IKOSA ​Prisma 

Ready-to-use image analysis solutions.

up to 20 submitted analysis jobs per application


Please note: If the analysis job has failed it will be still counted.

XY* Gigapixel per 1 application
*XY depends on the application


Please note: the standard amount of Gigapixel per each app is different. Contact us to get more information


Custom AI-based models for image analysis.


If there is not an off-the-shelf application available for your use case yet, we will gladly develop a new custom solution that serves your specific needs.


Please note: Custom development is priced individually.

IKOSA ​Portal

A collaborative environment for multi-user image data management.

up to 2 users

1 GB of storage

up to 10 projects

up to 100 images

up to 100 annotations

up to XY* users

YZ* GB of storage

unlimited projects

unlimited images

unlimited annotations

*XY and YZ depends on your requirements


Manual whole-slide scanning software.

Try our demo version with all features available for testing.


Please note: it’s not an online trial but a downloadable demo software.

**Buy once, run forever. A single perpetual license is 3,500 EUR excl. VAT.


Please note: We provide discounts for more than one license!


Please note: ​If you have been working with digital imaging tools and our products support similar functionality, we make sure that the results of your hard work will be migrated to the IKOSA Platform. We will create migration strategies for your workflows to remain productive and operational.

Types of licensing

If you have any questions regarding software licenses, please get in touch with us.

Please note: Software updates and support are included within the first year after purchasing. Extensions of maintenance contracts are available.


Cloud (online)



Annual subscriptions

Annual or perpetual licensing

IKOSA ​Prisma 

Annual subscriptions

Annual or perpetual licensing


The development of tailored solutions will be subject to individual contracts.

IKOSA ​Portal

Annual subscriptions

Annual or perpetual licensing



A perpetual license for stand-alone installation.


Licensing FAQ

If some of your questions haven’t been answered, please get in touch with us.

Cloud (online)


Why could I be interested in …

  • ​No need to invest in IT infrastructure and its maintenance.

  • ​Automated backups and operations.

  • Automated feature releases and software upgrades.

  • Special privacy requirements or regulations.

  • Independent management is of high priority.

  • In-house computing resources and staff

  • A great amount of data.

  • Poor internet connection.

What infrastructure do I need to have to be able to work in …

None. Simply create an account on our IKOSA Platform.

  1. Computing resources (hardware) depending on the scale and load of the system.
    You can run it on a powerful workstation, or on a multi-machine cluster. For instance, if you expect high throughput analysis and processing a large number of images, you may need to scale out in order to parallelize the workload.

  2. ​ Staff to maintain the infrastructure, i.e. computing hardware, uninterruptible power supply, air conditioning, operating systems/cluster software, etc.

What are the cloud (online) options?

How do we manage it on-premise?

IKOSA is a SaaS (software as a service) solution. It is hosted on the AWS (Amazon Web Services).

We provide all technical education for your staff or you contract us for maintenance, support and feature upgrades.


Please note: ​Even if your company is an experienced user of on-premise solutions, it is always a good idea to double-check. Let's talk in advance about what your organization might need to ensure that everything goes smoothly.


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